La Chica Caliente´

After many years of observing beautiful women through my telescope, I have discovered yet another beauty in the heavens above...



This week's theme is "outer space" wich is befitting since it is 50th anniversary of first human flight in space.


Irate Pirates

So alright I know this is COLOUR doodle dump and these are cruddy black and white sketches, but that's all I had time for this week. Yarrrrrr!

Pirate hideouts

I wish if I could have done couple of more studies, but weekend was busy, good busy :)


Bubbles and Water

OK here;s me friggon ocean critter.
not as brainy as some of those jelly brains, yet this fello has it figured out. Avoid the bubbles and you don't get hiccups. Thats all one needs to know.

This week's theme is:

Due sunday evening.


Underwater Showmanship

So, it's been a good long while and it's about time we jumped back on this wagon.  I'm experimenting with bold, solid colours and keeping it simple as I re-enter the digital painting scene.  Hope you like.