I know, I know...it seems unfinished. Well, it is. Truth is, my version of photoshop went haywire 1/2 way through the process and I was no longer able to revisit layers I had put down after working another one. So, after much frustration, I just threw on some extra layers to fix/fudge and this is what I got.


So, here is a quick sketch done on artrage, I thought of all imaginary creatures I could, and realized, that all creature concepts in any film or book are recreations of previos ones, all we can imagine is something of a blend betweeen animal, human and now combinedd with robotics or technology. So I decided to go to antiquity for the creature. It is an Egyptian genie called Bes. A protector dwarf of pregnant women, infants, children and new families. Kind of a weird looking fellow with the power of a lion. Here he is sneaking through a marsh of papyrus checking on who needs his protection.
Anyway, just a quick scribble at colourdoodledump.


We are back!

That's right, after of long period of inactivity we are ready to continue with our regular postings.
This week's topic was picked by Matt, and it is.....roll the fanfare...... Imaginary Creature.
Let your imagination run wild with this one.

Couple of rules to keep in mind.

Due date for submissions is on every Sunday by 12am. Let's stay firm on this one, otherwise it is going to be a mess.
Don't post old artwork, only new artwork should be submitted. The idea is to challenge yourself with current and fresh thinking. What you did a year ago is irrelevant on this blog.
Let's keep this blog only for artwork that is created for the given topic. Use your private blog for all other artwork.
Have fun!