One Thousand and One Arabian Nights

The title says it all... In the spirit of freedom and creativity I leave it up to you to interpret the challenge in your way. "Arabian Nights" is such a vast pool of ideas and inspirations. Go nuts @Color Doodle Dump!!!!


Ghosts of a Saturday night

So I threw my fav recent sketch into Photoshop and gave it a quick paintjob. Janela passed by an hour ago and commented how they look like ghosts...so I was immediately reminded of that Tom Waits song from which I got this ever-so-clever title. I just kinda liked the way the ppl looked in one bright colour--I was checking out some of Gaughin's works and got the idea to paint them as they are.
Cheers and here's some subway sketches from the past few months.


Casual Read by Alex

So this is an earlier doodle. But i just put it up to contrast the previous post I put.
Also on the metro, also reading, but in a very, very different way. I thought the contrast to be interesting. Such a difference when reading hollywood highlights or the days horoscope then when where reading something that deeply interests us. 

Good Read by Alex

Ok so this girl was sitting on the subway, reading, intensly involved in her book. She was posing so well, her hands were magnificent, and the way she crossed her legs(don't get me started on that subject) my oh my! Problem was, I was 3 stops from where I had to get off the metro...could I pull it off in that time??? I had to try, could'nt miss such an oppertunity at drawing a super pose from a beautiful girl, deeply involved in her book. very sexy. Pulled out my sketch book, and quickly doodled away, this is the result@colour doodle dump!


Dude on a Toronto subway by Marc

Greetings fellow doodle dumpers! Since there is no subway system in the section of NY State that I live in, I am unable to participate fully and freshly with this week's assignment.

However, I did manage to scrounge up a sketch I did on the Metro waaaay back during my first year at Sheridan....like 7 years ago (damn, it's been that long?). Obviously, it's blue Col-Erase in a sketch pad. Nothing special, speaks for itself. The signature is digital though...JUST added.



This week's assignment...

My turn to choose, eh?
Well, I've always been a supporter of the "go with what you know" concept, so I'm going to set the theme of this week to SUBWAY DRAWING (a favourite pastime of mine). Draw your take on the people of mass transit system, rendered in whatever medium you see fit. Sitting, reading, talking...let's see some people interracting with their surroundings.
Cheers guys!


Jackdesh and the Beanstalk by Matt

So I know this is COLOR doodle dump, but I'm dumping this doodle anyway...as I was away this past weekend and only had the chance to sketch out my idea on this great theme (thanks Maya!). I wanted to throw an East Indian curve on the idea of Jack and the Beanstalk, so here we have Jackdesh scurrying down the rope (think Indian Rope Trick) with the magic citar as he is discovered by its rightful owner. Yes, kinda minimallistic, but I think the storytelling works in this comp. Cheers.

Alien Beenstalk by Dado

Had a wonderful day walking trough High Park with my bro and Mihaela. We even saw some Buffalos and Lamas...don't ask ;) We came back and made an amazing Serbian BBQ, yum, hence no time to do a proper job on this assignment. This was a relay just a speed painting.
I wanted to give the old fairy tale a new spin. I imagine some alien life form growing out of freshly formed crater. Again, I did this on Nintendo DS, using the awesome "Colors" program.
Cheers all!


Jack and a Beanstalk

I got the idea for this week's challenge from Mihaela. We are all familiar with the classic fairytale, now, lets add a twist to it. Portray the beanstalk going to the sky/ground. Choose interesting camera angles and scale contrast. Beanstalk can be organic or inorganic (building, alien flora, monster tentacles etc.). Have fun with it @color doodle dump ;)


Elf procession by Dado

So here is my submission for Light and Shadow study.
My brother Danijel is a huge fan of LOTR so this one is for him ;)
It started with an idea of solitary horseman in forest, with strong beam of light hitting the ground. From there I went forward and tried to explore different compositions and color keys. All of them were done on Nintendo DS, using an awesome program called Colors, as the painting was getting into a finished form I pulled it into Photoshop and finished it there. Cheers!

Horus by Alex

My third painting of the day, and for the first assignment. Getting a bit burned out by now, perhaps it would have been better to do one painting per day instead of all three in one, but thats what I get for procrastinating. Couldnt settle on which idea to do , so i doodled at all of them. I think they all need more work and could be developed, this one especially, I wanted to do alot more with this, but thats it for now. Must say that non of the photos of these turned out very good compared to the original, and I couldnt scan them since they are oils and need couple of days to dry. Just exploring shapes and shadows and the orange yellow sienna mix. I like monochromatic, I tried to keep it just with warm colours. This is also inspired by my travels in Egypt, from the temples of Karnak and Luxor, and the west bank of Thebes. It is just a sculpture of Horus, the falcon divinity.

Cave by Alex

This is my second idea for the shadow doodle. Tried to show the flood of light into the shadow.
I love the warm orange colours, they glow and remind me of our krypton sun. Actualy it was inspired by my time in Egypt in the valley of the kings, entering caves in the desert, then coming out being almost blinded my the intesity of light. I dont know yet what to make of the person at the entrence, who or what he or she is up to, I must think on it, then I'll maybe add some specifics, until then he shall remain just a hooded person entering a cave in the desert.

Dancing Tree by Alex

So this is my first colour doodle, a simple tree, I saw it back lit and it seemed to be
dancing in the light. I tried to capture that with oils, and simple brushstrokes.


Ok, so for the first painting exploration, I think we could try something with 2 of the most important things in paint; light, shadow, and the colours that go through, between and around them. Also lets try and use the shadow as a compositional element if not the main element.
Lets try and focus on the reflective and refractive light, there should lots of colours going on there all the time, and hey, why not accentuate the beautiful. hehe. Go for it !!@ color doodle dump.