Free for All

Hi guys
I had some ideas for this week's assignment, but instead I will give everyone a break. You choose your own idea and your own direction. Goal is to produce one piece of artwork of your own choice by next Tuesday night. Gentlemen, enjoy and have fun @ Color Doodle Dump

Spinning The dreams Of Oneness by Alex

This was such a little journey of painting exploration. I had an image in mind, and focues on the persian miniature style, specially I was influenced by the master pieces of Alijanpour. I remebered watching these dancers, and feeling their flowing rythems, I was also watching video clips of sufi dancers for the reference, and could not do a static painting while looking at those swirling dreamers. So, I continued swirling with them. My brush was swirling constantly, in circles like the dancers, only stopping to reload my brush. The result was a surprise, as was the feeling while I was painting. I was high, but not on drugs, or drink.  perhaps this is close to their goal also. Originaly, I was planning to have flowers as motifs in background, going with a typical pattern in Persian miniature style, but the brush swirls seemed so natural that I kept on that path. Also, this is literaly a miniature, the didgital image here is twice the size of the original oil. Like Dado, I also tried to blend old style and inovate it in a new way. I hope its pleasing, @ colordoodledump.


Persian Rug

This is not per say an original Persian manuscript design. But since we are in 2008, I tried to confuse the natives, as ol' Rick would tell us to do. Love that Persian design in their rugs, pure fractal bonanza. Cheers and have fun at Color Doodle Dump!


Metalic Life by Alex

Ok, so this is more of a feel of metal with natural elements then any representation of anything. its play with brushes in painter. Its not where I was thinking of going with this project, I had something representational in mind, with some detail and such. But as I was warming up, I got this neet little mix, and just ket hacking at it. Who would have thought, ,,, modern art. from a representational artists. But it felt good to work on it, and I think it has the feel of metal, and organic mix.

the new assinment

hey guys ,wats up ,so alex is telling me that its my turn to choose a subject ,,so the first thing that poped into my mind was persian painting style
from where i come from [egypt] middle eastern civilization we r so fond of line work, calligrafy patterns,harmony of lines,the very wierd prespective,colors
for those who dono anything about persian style [i hope u do]
its style that has been created by persians nd the arabs it came to its peek during the 16th ,17th century ,nd when the turks invaded india during the 15th centry ,they took the arabic style to india where the style have been shifted by time to become another unique indian style of own,nd for those who dono also rembrant nd rubens nd most of the famous painters of the 15century and rococo period used to copy sketches from the persian style to learn from it ,tni
so for the reference ,here u r some links i hope it would be useful for u,[in ur surfing use manuscript persian painting or just perisan paitning]

[[[[nd the subject of the painting its up to u guys to decide after u see some ref]]]]
from google u would find many exaples

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGro4iYQYW8 [this is a v good ref]


good luck nd have fun


I don't know... Is this a right choice for this assignment? You got artificial light, perhaps aliens beaming up a body... Ok, I will put more effort next time! I have done this on my DS using COLORS program.
Cheers guys and have fun at Color Doodle Dump!!!!



Sorry for upload late. anyway, this one of my quick sketch.


How about a pissed off bunny with an AK47 ?

Biotech Bear Bear

A polar bear driving an old car...why bother do anything else?


Wolverine by Alex

Hey guys, sorry to be late again, but had it on backburner for a bit.
 So this is Wolverine, surrounded by wild nature, in his element, in a medatative state. I tried to make it rough and textural, experimented with the lense flare highlight, it seemed to work, so I left it. I would like to work some more on this, but for now its alright.


nature nd work

affected by betteo i did this ,


Biotech mix assignment

Ok, so for the next assignment, lets do something that mixes and combines biological, natural elements and technological ones. Could be a harmonious blend, perhaps like a cyborg, or a negative one, as in a pop can dumped in the middle of a pristine forest. Even an airplane is a possible concept, as aircraft use nature and natural laws for its very function. Lots of possabilaties, lets explore them.


Marvel should pay me for this shit

Read'em and weep, bitches! 4-5 hours


Quick Sketch fer y'all.



On the fly

Sooo this is my pathetic try at wolverine. I have been too busy lately, but then again I should not make excuses ;) Recently I bought Tablet PC, and this is a first paining done with it. I used Art Rage, what an awsome and in same time frustrating software. Tablet PC is proving to be great. I will never look back to regular tablets, being able to work straight on screen is a paradigam shift for me! This week I am taking off to Ottawa, for anual International animation Film Festival to represent Centennial College. I am so excited, so many films and presentations. I will up date you when I come back, till then have fun at Color Doodle Dump!!!


Whispers and Promises by Alex

SO here it is, sorry to be late. Still not happy with it, specially the photo of the painting, its not even close to the original, but thats how it is. A most interesting theme, I think I could do 1001 paintings on this theme. Here is the begining of the tale, the first night of the 1001. This allowed me to infuse some personal views at this time in my life with regards to women and relationships, aswell as using  a woman's bottom as a foreground element. 
Here is this Vizer, or Caliph, Emir, whatever, with his fill of wives and concubines, he has seen it all, heard it all, and felt it all. What more can  this feline amuse him with? Well some felines will promise and whisper anything to save their bottoms. A difficult task indeed, to amuse and entice a wise skeptic. A man in command of his virility and desires. Oh the promises and whispers, oh my oh my...
An added bonus, this is the first time I got the chance to sign my name on such an interesting area of a painting.



I have alot of ideas right now. But have decided to keep my first assignment simple. I've been going ape shit over the new Wolverine movie trailer. SO, our assignment for this week is to color doodle anything that has to do with WOLVERINE from the X-Men comics. Have at it!

Bad Sin

Well, I picked the Sinbad stories from 1001 Arabian Nights to paint from. I decided to recreate a scene from the old movie, "Voyage of Sinbad". However, due to an intense schedule, I only managed to get the background done. Sorry. I'll post the complete one in a day or two.


Sheik Yerbouti

I know it's not quite 1001 arabian nights, but Zappa Rules.