wats up

hey dudes ,i dont see anyone posting for the last assignment nd i see some lazy asses here ,dudes wats up we r artists nd we should work our ass much more to get better soo i remind u and my self to work hard,,moooovin moovit ,come oon whos gonna post some ladies here



tried to make very cozy sunset feeling.


Angels or demons by Alex

So this is actually an older drawing I started in Cairo, but I thought it would be an interesting addition to the assignment of the female figure. Perhaps this old timer is contemplating the feminine figures silhouetted upon the dunes. Nothing perplexes and delights a man more then women. The water colour looking streeks are actually red wine, Omar Khayam to be precise, my favourite wine from Egypt. 


Extend it brotha!

Alright fellas, times are tough and busy for all of us looks like it. Lets extend this assignment for another week. It is a great topic and it would be a shame to miss it. So next Sunday lets come out in numbers and post some great artwork. I believe in you!!!
And three hip hip hoorays goes out to Adnan for being on time!

nude girl

copy from john sargent painting


the new female project


Female Nude

Title is self explanatory... It has been a source of worship and inspiration and perspiration for artist trough centuries. Petite, round, bony, blond, brunet, fiery red haired, deliciously voluptuous, mild tempered and demoneshly destructive, they are what they are.
Let 'em rip!


Dado by Dado

Yeahh well lets not count this one in the good books. It did not turn like I wanted it to go. But hey, on the bright side, I have cooked a delicious fish for a dinner! Yuuummmyyyy
Cheers guys!


Philip by Dad

So, I was working on this one at the same time as my self portrait assignment, since my son is so much of me, I think a picture of me is incomplete without one of him. My self portrait is too gloomy anyway. Kind of different this painting. Speaks for itself. This is how I see my son. Full of energy and enthusiasm. Expressive and innocent. I started this painting back in march, I was somewhat out of wack then, and the painting was stiff and , well just was going in a bad direction. So I put it away for months, then I got back into it last week with a totally different mindset, and it turned out just how I wished it to be. I realy enjoyed doing this painting, it has alot of meaning for me. He is my son and my sun. The light was the main tool in this one, and I love working with it. I wanted it to surround him and eminate from him, I think I was somewhat succesful. I udes several photo refs for this, as well a sketching from life. The main pic I used I took a year and a half ago, for a 3 year old thats a big difference in appearence. Since I wanted to paint him the way he is today, it was a bit a of a challange. 

Alex by Alex

Hmm, sometimes we need to do a self portrait just to see ourselves in the mirror. In our minds, in our souls, much remains hidden even from ourselves. I found  dketching out painting a self portrait will reveal alot. This one certainly did. Seems like the darkness and light are in a struggle in this one. It went in a totaly different direction then I originally started with. I kept it loose and free from the start. Oil is great in that way, some of the best things happen by accident. We can also f**k up a painting, but thats how she goes.